Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hip Hop Accessories - Urban Fashions Crossing Cultural Divides

Hip hop accessories is constantly evolving like the rap music that fuels it. With retail sales sagging, the urban accessories market continues to hold steady. Thanks to the slew of rap artist wearing various urban accessories in videos, concerts and photo sessions the demand continues to expand with not only fans of the music but from the general public They have now become as much a part of the American fashion scene as blue jeans.

While the music continues to drive sales in the rap culture, the accessories continue to reveal the music in terms of sales. Hip hop accessories include jewelry, clothing, artwork, posters and a host of other items frequently worn by rap artist and fans. Many non-rap fans admit to liking the styles because of the loose fitting comfort of the clothing.

Like the rap music that inspires it, hip hop accessories continue to cross cultural, ethnic and even economical divides. The urban fashions can be found in the inner city of Los Angeles to Park Avenue in New York and all points in between. In fact, you can find the most popular urban wear on rural farms in Iowa or Texas cattle ranches. That's how the styles have influence not only music but fashion.

But hip hop accessories influence hasn't stopped at the borders of America. Urban fashion has great influence in a host of foreign countries. You can find an enormous list of people proudly wearing urban gear in China, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Poland and even Iraq and Iran to name a few.

The hip hop accessories market is doing what many political diplomats have not been able to do. Getting more of the world to dress alike.


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